A Testimonial from Franca Corsi

Feb 7, 2023

As pet owners, we all know the day will come when we have to say “so long” to our fur babies, however, nothing can ever prepare you for that day. As we struggled to find a way to keep Milo and Bucky with us and selfishly avoid our heartache, we realized their fighting battle was quickly fading. A difficult decision to make but we knew their quality of life was diminishing.

Dr. Eddie was by our side, assessed the situation and supported us through our decision. He provided us an in-depth step by step process which allowed us to comprehend and digest for what was to take place. It didn’t stop the tears, but Dr. Eddie’s professionalism, care and genuine empathy shone a small ray of light through those dark moments for us which allowed Milo and Bucky to leave us in such an honorable way. For that, we are grateful to him.

Franca and Bob

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