Testimonial from Jasmine Dannun

Jan 6, 2023

This is not only one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make, but also the most difficult action you’ll ever take. So the pathway you choose matters. I couldn’t have taken a better route than I did with Caring Pathways. Dr. Tillman exuded nothing other than peacefulness & compassion during our short time working beside him. Cooper was the light of my life and he knew that. During the time of uncertainty and seeking an alternative to cold, clinical, conversation, Caring Pathways offered a “Quality of life” assessment visit. This was our first meeting with Dr. Tillman. Words, reviews & social media can’t begin to explain the calmness that washed our household during his first visit. When the time came to say goodbye Dr. Tillman was amazing at explaining the entire process in a way that reaffirmed this was the best decision we could’ve made as a pet parent to this wonderful animal. Being home, in his favorite spot of choice, he took his final steps to the rainbow bridge. Afterwards, Dr. Tillman gave us all the time we needed to finalize our goodbyes, including the rest of our pack. He was great with our other dogs as well, making sure they knew where their brother went. When it came time for Cooper to leave for his final car ride, we tucked him in with his blankets & toys, and loaded him up so gently. Caring Pathways also is how we found Pet Pilgrimage but that’s a whole other review in and of itself! When it comes down to it, the goodbye & treatment we got from reaching out to Caring Pathways is one that should be standard practice across all veterinary medicine. If you were looking for a sign to do an in home goodbye, this is it.

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