What sets us apart?

The Caring Pathways team operates on a very personal level, ensuring that we are doing exactly what our clients need for their pets. We operate on an on-call basis because we believe it is so important for our team to be available whenever we are needed. We know how important the personal care for our clients really is and we make every effort to respond to calls as quickly as possible, as a part of our commitment to excellent service.

What sets us apart?
What sets us apart

Our Commitment

Our team is committed to providing the highest degree of excellence, and providing the proper service for the individual needs of each pet and each pet owner. Everything we do is personalized to the family and we will always move at the pace that each of our clients is most comfortable with. After all, we are there to serve you.

Our team is 100% focused on your needs during this difficult transition with your pet. We understand that each experience is different, and we are here to provide the support and compassion that you need. For us, our mission is more than just words, and that’s what sets us apart. We are always listening, learning, and developing in order to ensure that what we do and who we are meets the needs of each and every one of our clients.

Dr. Mavi Graves

Words from one of our veterinarians, Dr. Mavi Graves:

“As an end-of-life veterinarian, providing as smooth and peaceful of a transition as possible for pets in the comfort of home is a vocation I honestly look forward to every day. I still cry a little bit almost every day supporting pets and pet families on what may be the saddest day of their life, but I am always honored to help families give their pets the gift of a good death at the end of a life well-lived. As one end-of-life vet put it, ‘Where there is grief, there is great love, and all day long I’m looking at that love.'”

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A Testimonial from Mimie

On May 23rd, I was privileged to have experienced a truly sacred moment, when Dr. Eddie came to help my almost 17-year-old border collie mix pass over the Rainbow Bridge. I will be forever grateful to this young man for treating my dog with such deep respect and compassion.

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