Testimonial from Susie Clark

Feb 27, 2023

I only had Lilly for 2 months, but during those 2 months she had my whole entire heart. She had a condition that I did not know about when someone “gave” her to me-it was meant to be. She had IMHA. She would do better for a while, but then worse again. The last time this happened she developed liver failure. There was nothing more that I could do. I left the Vets office with her because I needed time to process what was going to happen. I had her that night, all day the next day and it was a beautiful day. When Dr. Eddie arrived we were outside sunning with a blanket over us. It was the best day ever. Dr. Eddie was very compassionate, caring, competent. He was so gentle with her and gave me time that I needed. It was quick, painless as was cuddled up to my face when she took her last breath.
Just 2 months before Lilly died I had to put “Casper” to sleep after 11 years of having him. We were at the emergency clinic with him and he was so anxious, he knew something was wrong and he could not really relax because he has always hated the vets (no offense). The differences in the two scenarios was unbelievable. Lilly was so relaxed, at home, nothing seemed to bother her because she was at her home with her people(me).
I wished I had that for Casper. Our pets are our family! I will never have this handled at a vet office when it can be done in the peace and quiet of the pets home. You will not regret this service. It is great, made life so much easier for me. Please give them a chance. You will not regret it.

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