Jun 11, 2024

Our sweet angel Snickerdoodle, aka Snickers. We lost her rather quickly at 14 1/2 years-old, last September. She came into our life via a local rescue group at the ripe old age of 11, after being given up by the only family she’d known her whole life. We instantly clicked from the day we met her, and knew she was sent to us; she was so incredibly special. She never showed her age, loved tennis balls, stealing sleds, her coveted lambchop collection, trying to keep any and all kids safe that were in her view (or herding them, either one!), and most of all laying in the warm sun or on a giant snow pile. Man, she did love to swim. You could always find her at the creek or in the pond at camp, aptly named “snickers pond.” How fortunate and absolutely blessed we were to share so much love and so many incredible memories with her over 3 1/2 years, While her illness and ultimate passing was completely unexpected, she did it in her own way, with complete grace. We are forever fortunate for the beautiful last day we got with her, sharing McDonald’s and just being at peace. While we didn’t have her her whole life, she left a huge impact on ours.

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