Shauna Bella

Jun 16, 2024

Our beloved Shauna was with us just 5 days shy of her 17th birthday. She was fun and feisty, never deterred by a big dog, going right up to them and barking. She even made some videos under the name of Snarky Shauna of Spring Creek. She was loyal and loving to her family and a perfect lady Yorkie when being groomed. She loved watermelon, her favorite treat. As she aged she became deaf and almost blind and developed dementia. As I’ve read, better a week too early than a day too late so we made the difficult decision to send her to the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone at Caring Pathways were very helpful and kind. Dr. Desko was so gentle, caring and supportive during her euthanasia. Thank you. We love you Shauna Bella .

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