Lexi Foraker

Apr 3, 2024

As I write this In Memoriam, I am filled with sadness in my heart.

My beautiful and sweet Lexi girl was the sweetest girl I’ve ever known. Spreading her love was her mission in life. She never met a stranger and always radiated love to all she met. She spent countless hours as a service dog, caring for others. She preferred people over dogs, so becoming a service dog was her decision and a great one. I, as her handler, got to witness the miracles she brought into the life of those she touched.

Moving to Charlotte was my idea. And while not approved by Lexi, we made the trip together. During our time here, we’ve made wonderful new memories that I will cherish every step I take. And before leaving me, she made sure I felt settled in and surrounded by wonderful new people.

It’s said that I rescued her. But truly I say, she rescued me. She’s been my anchor and my loving companion for over a decade . My home and life will feel empty without her. But she’s filled my heart with loving memories that I will carry for eternity. As some of you may already know, I feel she’s a reincarnation of my first dog Missy. And if that is in-fact the case, I feel Über-Lucky that she chose two of her lifetimes to be with me.

She is a gypsy at heart and a Candle in the Wind, so I can’t bear the thought of enclosing her in a tiny vessel. Symphony Park was her fave spot in Charlotte and where I plan to spread her wings. Her candle burnt out long before, her legend ever will.

I am eternally grateful to all of you who have been here for both of us with your love and support over the years. She is the sweetest girl I’ve known. And I know she left a sweet paw print in all of our hearts.

In memoriam to Lexi … I loving ask if you would take a moment or walk in nature and blow a kiss into the wind. It will be felt and cherished by both of us.

Farewell & Rest in peace my beautiful sweet girl. 🩷

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