A Testimonial from Marlo

Jan 12, 2024

During the holidays our family made the difficult decision to say good bye to our much loved schnoodles. They were both suffering from several age related health issues. We chose to send them together and before their physical and mental decline could cause them any more suffering.

Caring Pathways was a godsend. Every interaction has been compassionate, caring and handled with the utmost of professionalism. Dr. Eddie was amazing and felt like family as he supported us during the process and afterward with a caring card of sympathy. Dr. Eddie informed us in advance and guided us through each step. He was patient and flexible, observing and listening to our wishes. He made sure our dogs were calm, at peace and never in any distress or pain.

I can say with full honesty that it was the hardest and most beautiful experience of my life. I credit Dr Eddie and Caring Pathways for their amazing care which has continued in the several weeks afterward. I cannot say enough good things about this amazing organization and the tremendous people that understand deeply the pain of losing a four legged loved one.

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