Feb 15, 2024

Sweet, sweet girl, Sparkle, you came to us skinny and scared. We were your third family and I promised you we would be your last, and we were. You were terrified of so many things—riding in cars, going through doors into any building. Thunderstorms or even heavy rain found you hiding in the bathtub or under the bed if we weren’t home to comfort you. You were always hungry because you were 20 lbs underweight when we got you. I promised you that you would never be hungry again and you ate all day, every snack or meal we had.

Your life, and you, changed so much when you came to live with us. You learned that you could love and trust humans, some you loved so very much, even learned to play. You did learn to “Sparkle,” greeting and loving the family when they came to visit. At fifteen years old, your hips couldn’t hold you up, your intestines couldn’t hold food and the lumps turned deadly. You were loved and will be remembered by all of us. Rest easy in the sunset across the Rainbow Bridge. Caring Pathways and Dr. Eddie, you are the best. You made her transition a beautiful loving moment. Thank You.

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