Nov 9, 2023

The day I hoped would never come has came. It’s with the heaviest of hearts that we said goodbye to our beloved Lucas and he has went to be with the Lord. He was the most perfect well mannered pup. His daily positive easy going presence and sweet personality was a huge blessing to our family and a big chapter in our story.

I remember really feeling like Matt & I were a family when we added Lucas in 2012. My dad purchased Lucas for us as Matt’s graduation present from Wake Forest.

Matt especially has taken the best care of him. In Luke’s early days he was an incredible running partner for Matt, once winning fastest dog by easily jogging a sub 20 5k. He passed therapy dog internationals test as a “top dog”. We could always depend on a smile and big nose hug from Luke and he’s been my personal therapy dog through all my difficult times.

Matt & I started making our life decisions based on what would be best for Lucas. We only went to restaurants and places we could take Luke. Our floors had to match his hair. Lucas was so handsome he turned heads everywhere we took him and we were so proud to be his parents. We chose MIL in Charlotte to live because Lucas loved the lake so passionately and we even got him a boat for his 3rd birthday. We had so much fun taking him to the mountains, the beach, camping and daily swims in the Lake. He loved to jump off the dock, the big rock at Latta and always begged us to throw the ball -throw the ball -throw the ball!! Then lay in the sunshine.

We added Penny to the family to keep him company knowing that human children were in the future. He was always the very first to know about my pregnancies. He’s been a great big brother to our children. Liam, Lucy and Bennett all have wonderful memories playing with their pup. Matts dad, John, also loved taking him for walks and had a special connection with him.

Lukes unconditional love for us and our children is what I will grieve the most. He was so tolerant and sweet to all of our babies climbing all over him and always joined and seem to enjoy bedtime stories. I’ve also been home with him since Covid and he’s the best company. I’ll miss him Hanging with with me while I cook (taking up the whole kitchen floor) and do mom things.

Lucas had a tough battle with an aggressive cancer the past few months and fought it bravely and with dignity the best he could. There will
Never be a dog as special, kind, cool, handsome and fun as Lucas and he has a permanent place in our hearts.

Thank you to Lucas- the goodest of good boys. You had a great run. You brought us years of happiness. We will always always always love you.

*Special thank you to Dr. Maria who cared for us and Lucas. She was so kind and let us be in his favorite spot on his sandy beach by the lake. She went above and beyond making sure we had support and I would highly recommend her.

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