As New Year’s Day approaches, our thoughts turn to making the upcoming year even better than the last. While our pets are perfect just as they are, here are some ideas to ensure they start the new year with their best paw forward.

ID Check

Take a moment to check your pet’s ID for accuracy and readability. Even indoor cats benefit from a collar, just in case they slip outside. Consider ordering a collar with your phone number sewn in for easy identification.

Vaccination Status

Review your pet’s vaccination records. With changes in address or multiple vet visits, it can be unclear which vaccinations or preventive treatments are up to date.

Exercise Routine

After the holiday disruptions, recommitting to an exercise routine can benefit both you and your pet. Your dedication to a new exercise regimen aligns perfectly with your pet’s desire for more quality time.

Lingering Issues

The new year is an ideal time to address any unresolved issues with your pet. Whether it’s excessive barking or litter box troubles, discussing these concerns with your vet can bring peace and comfort for the year ahead.

By taking these simple steps, you’re ensuring a healthy and happy start to the new year for both you and your beloved pet.

Written by: Dr. Kerry Muhovich, Caring Pathways Veterinarian

Dr. Muhovich is a graduate of Colorado State University veterinary school. She has worked in various areas of veterinary medicine, including shelter medicine, animal behavior, general practice, teaching techs, and end of life care. She has found her career home in end of life care. Dr. Muhovich is certified in canine rehabilitation, fear free, and low stress handling.

Dr. Muhovich loves serving her clients and patients in the comfort of their homes. She loves all cats and dogs, and is honored to help pets in need.

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