Walter and Barbra Hochner

Feb 23, 2018

Dear Lori,

Thank you so much for the card and the beautiful words you sent us. We want to thank you for being such a special person in helping us with our little furry child Winston. You have a gift that is one of the most special gifts anyone could have in their lives. You made us feel so much love that day you were here. You made a difficult time into a warm and loving time. You gave us the chance to be with Winston in a way we never thought to be possible. To be able to be with Winston in our home and for him to be in his own bed was the most wonderful thing we could have asked for. And you made that possible for us. There are no words we can say to you for what you have given us. You will always be in our hearts for all you have done. We would not have made it through this difficult time if it had not been for your help. We are taking it one day at a time for now. There are lots of sad and happy tears for Winston. He will always be our number one little boy. The house feels empty along with our hearts, but one day there will be more furry little children for us to love.

Thank you again so very much,
Walter and Barbra Hochner

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