Testimonial from the Reinhard Family

Mar 29, 2021

Morty was in our world the kindest and sweetest little boy. He was in our family 6 years after we adopted him from the Denver Dumb Friends League. The frequency of his wagging tail could power entire neighborhoods as a wind-based source of electricity. Obviously a very sad process to euthanize a beloved pet/family member, however when Dr. Eddie walked up to us in our front yard then introduced himself and walked up through each step to include actions he will take and our anticipated reactions we immediately felt at peace and overwhelmingly confident we would come out the other side feeling better. Dr. Eddie willingly and easily participated in our discussions and asked how we were doing throughout his stay. He is a marvelous doctor and human becoming-better than being. Caring Pathways helped us with our beloved Sandy and it was no choice at all to ask for Caring Pathways’s help once again. We highly recommend Caring Pathways now and forever in the future.

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