Mitzi Nakamura

Feb 23, 2018

I want to thank Caring Pathways and Dr. Kerry Muhovich for the services provided in my time of need. My dog, Butterball, a 7-year old greyhound with Osteoscarcoma could no longer go on. I had left the country and in just a few days, Butterball took a turn for the worse. I had a friend pet sitting and taking care of Butterball, but she would no longer eat and had difficulty walking. I knew the time was coming for Butterball since we had been battling her cancer for 6 months. I was hoping this wouldn’t happen when I was out of the country, but unfortunately it did. When I called Caring Pathways, the person I spoke to was so caring and easy to speak to. I was very upset at the time so I don’t remember her name, but I do want to thank her for taking the time talking to me and making the arrangements so easy. Dr. Muhovich came to my home, explained everything to my friend and peacefully had an angel escort Butterball to the Rainbow Bridge. My friend said that Dr. Muhovich was very caring and gentle. I was even more appreciative to have received a hand-written sympathy card from Dr. Muhovich with a note that a donation was made in the name of Butterball. I couldn’t have been out of the country at a worse time, but I am so grateful to Caring Pathways to comfort me and assure me that Butterball was in good hands. I really cannot thank you enough for helping me with Butterball (my best friend) transition to the Rainbow Bridge.

– Mitzi Nakamura

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