Martin and Tom

May 23, 2019

To the folks at Caring Pathways,

We had to let our Miss. Bonnie Bon Bon continue her journey to Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, 5-18-19. This is the 3rd time in four years that we have called upon Caring Pathways to help us with the passage of one of the four legged children. The service from them has been excellent on every one of those procedures.

It been only three days since Miss Bonnie Bon Bon has left us. We wished we would have had Miss. Bonnie Bon Bon longer than two years but that is all we got with this old Girl. We saved her when she was about seven years old (estimated) senior dog with high anxiety. When she came to us, she was on many old school medications for anxiety. She was just a zombie dog very scared of everything and everyone. She was underweight and left outside for whatever reason. We took her in and showed her that even if she was a bit nervous, she could take time to relax in her new home. Getting Bonnie off the medication took almost ten months to get her off of the medication. There was NO cold turkey getting her off the medication. Eventually, we weaned her off the drugs and she showed us time and time again how much of a sweet old girl she truly was. The medication she needed from us was time, peaceful home, love, being spoiled, and knowing she was our child.

It took about one year to have her realize that both her dads loved her very much and would provide a wonderful place to call home. We got a 2nd dog to try to help Bonnie with her being a dog again. It was a challenge because both Lucy and Bonnie were Alpha females. Eventually these two connected and loved each other but it was not a puppy play fest. LOL……

To sum it up Miss. Bonnie Bon Bon…. We miss you…. You were not in our lives long enough. We felt like you knew that you had finally found your forever home. Our only regret is that you were not with us long enough.

Safe and speedy journey to you as you meet your friends @ Rainbow Bridge. Run around with all your new friends when you get there.

We miss U…..

Martin and Tom.


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