Lambright Family

Nov 1, 2018

Dear Dr. Angel and Staff at Caring Pathways,

Recently I had to make a very tough decision to put my furry family member down.  This decision was so hard for so many reasons.  Samson came into our family 14 years ago as a very quiet and calm puppy.  Most puppies are crazy and out of control but not Samson. He was so well behaved and very smart.  He didn’t bark so we had to put a bell on the door for him to ring it to be let outside.  Just absolutely the best addition we could ask for.  Samson was with me while raising my kids, two bouts of cancer, both parents passing away, challenging marriage and blessing and challenges to raising children.  He endured all of this with me with support and love.  Then I had to make the decision to help him transition. It was almost impossible.  I would be losing my support person.

In the end I did make that hard decision.  I contacted the folks at Caring Pathways and the very nice front desk person educated me on the process.  I didn’t do anything at the time again to come to terms with everything.  Then two weeks after my call I had to make the big call and set up an appointment.

Out comes Dr. Angel! The perfect name to describe the perfect person to help transition our fur baby on his journey.  She came out and guided us through the entire process, step by step, giving us time to let everything sink in.  She read Samson and all of us so well. She was patient, wanted to know about Samson, out our family and Samson.  She continued to let us know that it was okay and that we will take as much time as needed to have everyone feel comfortable especially Samson.

We decided to do it in the backyard as that was his kingdom.  I pick him up and sat in the rocking chair. I really felt he knew that he was finally going to be out of pain.  He was very comfortable in his surroundings. It was very peaceful and calm. When I put him on my chest he actually fell asleep before Dr. Angel started.  He was ready and he was happy with my choices on how he would begin his forever journey.

Dr. Angel, there are no words to describe your love and passion.  Thank you!!! When you left my husband said I don’t know what that cost but whatever it was it was worth every cent and more.  He is old school so that is the highest compliment ever!!!

Although this is a hard decision you and your staff made it a loving and peaceful process.  Thank you for all that you did for Samson and the many many other fur babies that you have helped.

I have enclosed a couple of funny pictures of Samson.  The pictures speak volumes.

Thank you again,

Lisa Lambright


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