Becky Powell

Feb 23, 2018

Dear Dr. Muhovich,
Many thanks for your patience yesterday. I was not expecting to fall apart over the decision – as I said, I’d been preparing for that moment for more than a year, at least – I was operating on very little sleep for over the past week.

Thank you so very much for saying the things that convinced me he need to move on. I think the most critical piece was your recognition that Emerson greatly valued living in dignity, and this was becoming so very taxing for him. You said many other things that were important, too, and in retrospect, I should have taken them as more direct guidelines for making the decision – rather than continuing to agonize.

Having experienced the process, now, I think would find the decision much easier, seeing him transition from anxiety to comfort, and then slip away so seamlessly. I am grateful that the transition was in comfort and peace – and I am so grateful to have been there with him.
Becky Powell

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