Alessi Family

Feb 19, 2018

The services of Dr. Larry and his team of professionals should be standard across the country. My family and I were once told by a very caring DVM that we would know when it was time to put our beloved pet to rest. But sadly the services of Caring Pathways did not exist at that time and we were forced to drive our loving cat of 12 years to our Vet’s facility where our cat sadly knew where she was. The drive and the facility although nice, created tension for both our cat and us. Our Vet allowed us to sit quietly with our cat under a tree which was far better than being in the cold and sanitized facility. However, the tree although nice, was adjacent to the parking lot. It was at that time and location, in our arms and under a beautiful Colorado sunset our cat was given the appropriate meds and peacefully passed.

Sadly years later, our beloved German Shepherd named Buck was diagnosed with cancer. He was an amazing animal that filled our lives with unconditional love. His diagnosis and quick debilitation was very painful. However this time, after experiencing the stressful process with our beloved cat and family, we were Blessed to have the ability to have our DVM come to our home, whereas our dog Buck was able to rest peacefully on the lawn in his own backyard when he was put to rest. It was a beautiful Colorado evening where Buck was able to enjoy a filet mignon and dish of rocky road ice cream and then later with his family by his side he was given a painless medication that allowed him to be free of pain.

The services of Caring Pathways is loving, humane and peaceful. To allow your beloved pet to pass peacefully and painlessly while in their own loving home and surroundings – rather than some cold anxiety filled animal hospital/facility made all the difference in the world to our family and no doubt, our loving and loyal pet, Buck.

Thank you Dr. Larry and his team of professionals at Caring Pathways for what you do!

The Alessi Family

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