A Testimonial from Martha

May 14, 2024

Holly joined our family on Christmas Eve, 2008. She was such a perfect addition to our family and such a smart girl. She went to work with us every day for 10 years, before Holly and I retired. Holly had a healthy, long life and kept going as long as she could at 15-and-a-half-years. When we knew it was time to let her go peacefully, we Googled options and Caring Pathways sounded like they would be great. Not only were they great for Holly, but they were also compassionate with what we had to go through as a family with an additional dog who had been Holly’s buddy for 6 years. I cannot express the depth of gratitude we feel for Dr. Eddie, who came to our home to assure us we were doing the best thing for Holly. You cannot ask for a better service for your precious pet.

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