Feb 5, 2024

Zelda Mae Rodgers, a true princess warrior, passed peacefully surrounded by her entire family. She enjoyed her last hours on this earth doing one of her favorite things, sun bathing and rolling in the grass with mommy. Zelda was a fighter from the beginning of her life. She was rescued at a young age from a tragic situation and was adopted by her mommy, Natalie, at a little over one year-old. Zelda was a true mommy’s girl, attached to her hip wherever she went. They traveled everywhere together, as Zelda loved car rides and being anywhere her mommy was. Zelda loved playing with all of her toys, her doggy friends over the years, and eating her favorite snacks. Zelda truly was the best emotional support animal you could ever ask for, and was loved more than she will ever know. Mommy will miss singing “you are my sunshine” to you as you fall asleep, taking you for walks, taking you to the store to pick out your toys on your birthdays, and so much more. I love you forever my sweet child, my forever angel. Thank you for helping me through some of the toughest moments in my life. Who really saved who? Zelda will be missed by not only her Mommy, but her kitty brother, Binx, who she helped raise, her kitty sister, Ivy, who she graciously took in, her best friend, Duke, her Granny, her Pawpaw Mike, her Poppy Rick, and so many more in her family who loved and adored her. Thank you everyone who loved Zelda as much as I did, as her mommy. Rest easy, my sweet princess. Give Pawpaw all of the snuggles up there.

We love and miss you.

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