Dec 6, 2022

I am so happy to have such wonderful people to deal with during the loss of my little girl. Dr. Eddie Desko arrived at our home exactly on time and we chatted about Annabelle. He reacted with such kindness and concern. He stressed to me that there was no hurry to start, he was here for me and Annbelle. He explained what would happen and it took me a few minutes to continue. She was 17 yrs old and she was my heart. He was very discreet with his medical equipment. He sat quietly with me until I could say I was ready to continue. She was in my arms the entire time. After she slipped away he had a blanket and again when I was ready he wrapped her tiny body so carefully. Later in the week he returned my girls ashes, again we talked and he allowed me time to tell him more about her. Also he brought up some things I had told him earlier. The same day I received a sympathy card and again he referred to my baby’s pet name and also my other yorkie which I lost in March. I hope he reads this tribute to him, he is a remarkable man and vet. God bless him for sharing my grief. If you need this for your pets you will not find anyone better.

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