Sep 9, 2022

Anastasia, black-and-tan bloodhound of Troutman, NC.

01/01/12 – 09/05/22

She was smart, determined, driven, and always in charge. She led us on so many adventures and got us into so much trouble with her one-in-a-million nose and her pinpoint internal GPS. We miss you terribly, “Annie.” We are grateful to Dr. Marci Sauls at East Cooper Animal Hospital for taking care of Anastasia during her many stays in the SC lowcountry. We are grateful to Dr Rachel Seibert at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center for repairing Anastasia’s knee and giving her back the gift of running. And, especially, we are grateful to Dr. Brad Rutledge at Troutman Animal Hospital, who saw her first in February 2012 and for the last time in Sept 2022; thank you for your time and patience. Thank you, Dr. Keith Tillman, of Caring Pathways, for providing compassionate care on Anastasia’s last day with us.

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