Mavi Graves, Veterinarian

Dr. Mavi Graves grew up in Grand Junction, CO on a hobby farm including sheep, cats, dogs and several different species of birds, including peacocks. Although an animal lover from the beginning, Dr. Mavi didn’t immediately pursue veterinary medicine, but instead explored her other great love of foreign languages by earning a degree in Chinese from CU Boulder. She moved from Colorado to Brooklyn, NY where she worked for non-profits, taught Chinese, performed music and sketch comedy and discovered the quintessentially-New York best job ever: dog walking! After 6 years in New York, Dr. Mavi decided it was time to get back to Colorado and go back to school.

Dr. Mavi moved back to CO to attend vet school at CSU. While at CSU, she served as a manager of the student volunteer pet hospice program and that’s when she discovered end-of-life care as her veterinary calling. Dr. Mavi feels that the end-of-life journey is an incredibly sacred and meaningful time to serve pet families and she feels strongly about the importance of letting pets pass away at home. It is an honor to facilitate gentle and peaceful euthanasia experiences and to that end, Dr. Mavi has earned her Fear-Free Certification. She is also working towards acupuncture certification and strives for excellence and personal betterment in supporting pet owners through what may be one of the most difficult days of their lives.

Dr. Mavi lives in Ft. Collins with her husband and three cats: Bobby, Hazel and Foghorn. When not working, Dr. Mavi enjoys arts and crafts, meditation, gardening, hiking/camping/biking, DIY home improvement and beating her husband at Scrabble.

Mavi Graves

Fear Free Certified
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