Dr. Keith Tillman joined the Caring Pathways Family! 

A message from Dr. Tillman, “After serving the Charlotte and surrounding community as a solo practitioner for more than 10 years, I have decided to join forces with Caring Pathways, an at-home end-of-life veterinary practice that shares the same passion that Comfort at Home always has for providing compassionate veterinary care at life’s end.”

Our Story
Our Story

Dr. Keith Tillman’s History Serving Pet Families in Charlotte and the Surrounding Areas

Cooper is the reason Dr. Tillman was inspired to work as an end-of-life pet care veterinarian. She was a beautiful Lab Mix and a once-in-a-lifetime dog. She was a sensitive “old soul” with the softest ears, a smile when she was happy and a tail that would wag her whole body. She never cared for a car ride and definitely did not like going to the vet clinic. 

She slowed down in her “retirement years”. She could no longer chase a ball, but she relived her glory days by dropping a slobbery one in my lap if she was feeling full of herself. She began to have more trouble standing and the stairs were cruel to her as her mobility declined. Through hospice care at home we managed her pain and made adjustments for her loss of mobility (elevated food bowls, carpet runners, slings and ramps). What she could no longer do, we did for her. We saw the decision coming at us in slow motion, but we struggled as a family with the big question of when will we know its the right time to say goodbye. As her mobility declined, she began to have more bad days than good ones and it became obvious that her quality of life was no longer acceptable. As much as we tried to wish it away, we knew that the time had come. I didn’t know if I could be both her doctor and her pet parent at the same time. But, I couldn’t put her through the fear of a car ride to a busy clinic for such a personal and private experience. 

We chose to help her make the transition in her place of comfort, on her bed, at home, surrounded by the family who loved her. I still remember the look she gave us as she relaxed with the sedation. It was as if she was telling us that she was alright… and that we were going to be alright. To be with Cooper as she passed gently on her own bed in our arms was a blessing. 

I celebrate Cooper’s wonderful life and offer this service in honor of her and our other pets who have meant so much to us through the years.

The Caring Pathways Mission

Our mission is to serve the hearts and minds of pet owners by providing peaceful, compassionate end of life care for their pets with honesty, integrity and respect in the comfort of their home.

Our purpose is to provide every pet owner the opportunity to receive gentle, compassionate care and to help you deal with the end of life issues surrounding your pet, including in-home medical assessment and consultation services, in-home palliative and hospice care, and in-home pet euthanasia, as well as body care, appropriate memorialization services, and helping guide you in your grieving process to the best of our ability, which may include outside resources.

The Caring Pathways Outlook on End of Life Care

End of life care is not just a business for the team at Caring Pathways. Passion for what we do lives in the hearts of each one of our team members, forming the foundations of who we are and what we do. Every member of our team has a personal drive to offer compassionate and supportive care to pet owners in their time of need. We are committed to offering each family a personal and caring experience during their pet’s final days.

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