Happy Fall! We love the changes in season here at Caring Pathways, and we want to make sure that the pets of our community are aware of the many dangers the fall season can bring. We make it our priority to keep you educated about your pet’s safety. We invite you to check out some tips about the most common fall and Halloween hazards in our area.

Halloween Décor Safety

Decorating for Halloween is exciting for many people and it truly creates a beautiful autumn atmosphere, but some decorations can be hazards for our pets! The most dangerous are foil tinsel, which can cause intestinal obstructions if consumed, and candles, which can cause severe burn injuries if knocked over. We recommend avoiding these items and keeping your pet safe this Halloween.

The Dangers of Halloween Candy

Halloween is a season of fun costumes, festive decorations, and tasty treats, but it can also be a season of dangers for our best friends! Make sure that your pet is provided with treats that are safe for them and are never given a human treat such as candy, especially chocolate or sugar free candy which contain ingredients that are toxic for pets.


Are you dressing your four-legged friend up in a costume this Halloween? Pets in costumes are the cutest things, but as a pet owner, it’s important to remember that it’s your responsibility to make sure they are also comfortable and safe in their costume!


The veterinary team at Caring Pathways wants to help you keep your pet safe all season long!

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